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Torque Motor & Hollow Shaft Motors

Servo Motors UK is an exclusive distributor of torque motors - including high torque motors, variable torque motors, dc torque motors and hollow shaft motors (hollow shaft servo motors).

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Torque Motors / Hollow Shaft Motors are becoming increasingly popular across a range of servo motor applications. This is generally because they have small electrical time constants that result in high dynamic responses. The large mechanical air gaps (0.5 to 1.5 mm), allow for easier mounting and alignment and they use permanent magnets that are known for their high efficiency. Perhaps the biggest differentiator between torque motors and other servo motor types is that a torque motor has relatively large diameter-to-length ratios, and short axial dimensions.

The large diameter helps the motor develop high torque levels. It gives the motor a large lever arm to generate high levels of torque. The large diameter also provides ample room along the circumference for powerful rare-earth magnets. Torque motors are also generally frameless motors. This means they don't have housings, bearings, or feedback devices.
Torque motors are designed as direct drives. They eliminate the need for gearboxes, worm-gear drives, and other mechanical-transmission elements and directly couple the payload to the drive. The large inner diameter of a torque motor commonly known as a hollow shaft allows for varied positioning of the motor.

Servo Motors UK excels in developing custom torque motors to meet specific application needs. please contact a member of our team for advice and guidance of the right torque motor for your operation.